Fifty-Five Characters Fifty-Five Characters Fifty-Five - Sewing Pattern #123456f11c1b6f4b

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Attention! Instructions for the pattern assembly are not available at the moment.
Model code: 123456f11c1b6f4b
Fabrics: Atlas
Is stretchy: no
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Construction Darts Fitted Yoke
This exclusive made-to-measure sewing pattern is provided by MakAuthor
This file format is intended for printed as a continuous wide sheet of paper. Please mention the desired width of the surface to be printed - it will usually be 3 cm/1.5 inches less than the actual width of the paper sheet.
Important! We recommend ordering a free pattern in Dxf format first to make sure your software is compatible with DXF files.

This sewing pattern is processed through our recently developed online CAD software. The PDF layout has been greatly improved. Note: some options re size adjustments and printing options are temporarily limited.